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12 February 2014 @ 12:36 pm


credits to jazakallah.in

This blog is the place where i keep all random stuffs I would love to remember..
It could be stories of myself or other inspirational do'as, poems, lyrics, stories, quotes that I would love to share with anyone who happened to visit this blog..
there'd be my fangirling here n there..but it won't be that much i hope..
I'm not perfect..but i'm trying to be better..

May Allah protect us, and grant us the ability to submit ourselves more to Him and Him only..
May He protect us from the elements of a nifaq, as it is so dangerous for us..

credits to KhadimulQuran

30 November 2016 @ 10:53 am

Came across this post in Facebook..
And i'm missing my first and forever love so much..
I know you're happy there, ayah..
And I know He's taking a very good care of you..

Just know that my love for you is ever unchanging..
The realest, the everlasting, and all I'm doing, aiming and wanting to achieve is for you and about you..
And I'm doing my very best to be with you in Hereafter, just like you wanted us to..

I just.. love you so much..
I wish that you're here so I could hug you so tight..

13 November 2016 @ 03:55 pm

04 November 2016 @ 01:05 am

Today Alhamdulillah, Allah inspires me to return to my Quran reading..
And I admit, I have faced different kinds of difficulties..

Imagine after a while, when I flip through my last page, I saw this :-

Wallahi, there is reason for everything..
Thank you Allah, for the inspiration..
I'll do my best to squash the most difficult battle in me..

Ijjou desu, Aliaa deshita..
Good night, Assalammualaikum..

22 October 2016 @ 09:00 pm

I miss your smile..
I miss your laugh..
I miss your eyes..
I miss your voice..

I miss your words..
I miss your support..
I miss our discussions..
I miss our shared hobbies..

Happy 61st birthday dear ayah..
As much as I miss you now, I know that you're in a very good hands..
I'll be trying more and more to be better so that we could meet again in peace..

21 October 2016 @ 08:23 pm

I came across this ayah this morning and the feeling to explore it was so strong..

It was about the people of the Book and the hypocrites. I realized that it could also be applied to us now. There are a lot of people who just advising other people without them actually act on it.

There is another ayah that relates to the same subject Surah as-Saff, verse 2-3.

"O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Great is hatred in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do."

There was also a story where Usamah was asked whether he shall advise on Sayiddina Usman or not, where he answered that he will, but in private, as he afraid that his advise could ruin himself, since he heard Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said :-

"A man will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and thrown in the Fire. His intestines will fall out and he will continue to circling, pulling them behind him, just as donkey goes around the pole. The people of the Fire will go to that man and ask him, "What happened to you? Did you not used to command us to do righteous acts and forbid us from committing evil?"

He will say, "Yes. I used to enjoin righteousness, but refrained from performing rightneousness, and I used to forbid you to perform from evil while I myself did it."

This hadith is also narrated in Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Lesson of the day : Do not just simply advise people but you yourself never act on it.

May Allah protect us Xx

09 December 2015 @ 11:30 am

On 29-11-15,
We lost Kedah crown prince..
And just after Kedah ends our mourning period,
On last Saturday, 5-12-15,
We lost a Johor prince..

You know what are the similarities that they have?
Both were the people's princes and both were a brave fighter..
When they passed away, the citizens wept..
All those generosity stories were being told massively..
Another history is written, and we who were there, would always remember them and their kindness..

The feeling is still affecting me non-stop..
I feel so sad each day..
But I also remember to send them Al-Fatihah every time I think of them..
I'm wondering, if the news affect me this bad,
when I don't even know them personally..
What about their own families and their loved ones?

Am I over reacting?
Do I have the right to feel this way?
That, I let Allah to decide for me..
As long as I know that the rewards of my Fatihah would reach them, it's more than enough..

I pray that their families would be always strong..
And continues the virtues that the princes left..
As I am doing it myself for my father,
I believe we could do it all, by will of Allah..

They are all there under His protection..
Sadness is fitra, but Redha is a must..

I wonder when will my sadness will go away as if it's nothing there..
But I know as how Allah is here with me, Allah will be there for them as well..
And that comfort is all I need..

28 November 2015 @ 10:21 am

Today, one of the dearest friends of mine faced the very same test that I had at around 8 years back..
We lost the person we love..
Just when I thought I already got over it, I was wrong..
The flashbacks of the day replayed again and again on my mind throughout the way to her place..
As if it happened just yesterday..
How I was chatting with my good friend,
Then my mum told me that my father couldn't take the pain anymore, so we had to go to the nearest private hospital..
Right after we arrived, my father brought to one of the rooms on the first floor on a wheel chair..
We joked here and there while he reminded us to recharge his phone's battery, in case his staffs need him when he was there..
We waited for the heart specialist, and he was strolled into the ICU right away..
And it was just 5 minutes since we were there..
After the doctor arrived, we saw that he came out, nurses went back and forth, and soon after another doctor went in..
My mother asked my brother to go back home and fetch our grandparents here..
5 minutes later, both of the doctors came out..
And after they "scolded" us why wouldn't we bring him here sooner, I still could remember that one line that hurts me even until today..
"I don't think we could save him"
Few minutes after, they called my mother to go in..
Then I heard my mother's scream..
And that moment I knew, that my strongest pillar had left us..
I still remember that I was acting strong and tough,
Because I knew that's what my father wanted for me..
And until now, i'm trying my very best to take of my mother the way he did..
Go to work together, then entertain her as much as I could..
And the most important thing that my father told me,
"Balance your dunya and your akhirah..
And may we all meet again in Jannah biidhnillah."
They said time would heal,
But boy, how they are so wrong..
It has been 8 years last 6th of September,
And I still could feel the pain..
And I still could feel his existence here around me..
As if he's monitoring us every step we take..
The only thing that i ever regret is..
I forgot what was the last line he said to me..
And what last good deed I did to him..
While the way I treated him with a long face in the evening still eating me to death..
But I could still remember the last edition of Galaxie magazine he bought for me, because..
"You said this magazine improves your English, right?"
And that magazine is still laid in my room..
Becomes a thing that I treasure the most..
Despite of all, one thing for sure..
I'm trying my best..
To meet my father again in Jannah insyaAllah..
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28 October 2015 @ 12:38 pm

So let's go straight to the story..
I was having few problems at work lately..
Until up to one problem that would cost me hell if i indulge in..

So, I made a lot of Du'as to Allah..
Save me, Help me, please solve this problem the way it please You..
And I told myself that if it takes my sacrifice of certain amount of my salary,
then I would give it up, as long as it does not tarnish my reputation in Allah's eyes and on the judgment day..

Then, today, my boss and my client called me personally..
informing that there absolutely won't be any problem regarding that matter..
and instead of refunding the money, they actually have to pay us more..
in line with some additional works that they requested us to do..

I was so happy listening to this decision..
but suddenly I realized..
I asked Allah to solve my problem, and ask Him whatever it is..
Return the money to where it belongs..
However, with this decision, He actually solved the problem for me in other way that I never expected..
But at the same time no more dispute between our firm and the client..
Everybody is happy, and I don't have to give up any amount at all..
And additionally, as a bonus, He adds more money to our firm..

Allah indeed the Most Perfectly Wise..
He is Al-Hakim..
And He indeed answers His servants who need Him..

And I actually pond over a message in one of the Inspiration Series Season 1 by Sheikh Omar Suleiman and Mohd Zeyara..
It said, "Why would you lie if no creation could harm you without the permission of your Creator?"
So I stick on that for all these times..
Thanks for the inspiration, ya Allah..

Alhamdulillah..Allah protects me again..
and now I feel like crying =((
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11 September 2015 @ 12:59 pm

A lady came home after work, feeling stress in every inch of her body..
She longs for a hug..
But not from anyone in presence..
She needs a father hug, but her father has long gone..
When that hits her, she cried so bad..
The only one that she wanted is no longer with her..

So she stood for a solah, crying softly asking for her Lord's mercy..
Asking Him to take away all the pain and stress that are stabbing her heart..
After the solah, she realized that it's been a while since she recites the Kalamullah properly..

When she checked, her mark in the Quran showed that it was on Surah al-Ankabut..
While she is still crying, she started to read the first verse..

Alif Lam Meem..

Then she went to the next verse

She stopped her recitation,and cried more violently,
Again she held her head high, thanking her Lord for every trials that she is having..

Verily, Allah gives us trials not to decrease us in any other shape, but to increase our level..
And we pray that we would return to Him in the best condition..

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find the rest"